The Perfect Library Companion – Four Glass Oak Mantel Clock

Four Glass Oak Mantel Clock



A delightfully small and well proportioned four glass mantel clock.

The 8 day duration single fusee movement of substantial quality with four tapered plate pillars and anchor escapement. Also with a finely made pendulum and transportation fixing point. The 3½” square silvered brass dial framed within a silvered brass square and with Roman chapters, blued steel hands and engraving to the four corners.

The small oak case of typical four glass design with an ogee moulding. The top, sides, front elevation and rear door all with bevelled glass.

Note: Small four glass mantel clocks from the 19th century are now becoming increasingly difficult to find. This is an unusual example as the chosen cabinet material is oak.

Price: £4850.000 / Height: 8¾” / C.1885#

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New Arrival @ P A Oxley – Antique Chinoiserie Longcase Clock…

Our latest longcase clock is shown below. As always larger images can be viewed on our website along with an Audio file. This is an excellent example which was in a good state of preservation considering its age. Our very talented restoration team have now returned it to its former glory to be enjoyed for another 250 years.

Arriving soon….

Several new items will be arriving in the next few weeks. These include two Domestic Regulators by the well known Scottish Clockmakers Bryson and Whitelaw, a Chamfer Top Bracket Clock by Tobias of London, a rare drop dial wall clock by Dutton of Fleet Street, London and a rare Quarter Striking C.1775 mahogany bracket clock by Nicolason of London.

Chinoiserie Longcase Clock by Joseph Herring of London

An excellent faux tortoiseshell lacquered longcase clock with well preserved Chinoiserie decoration.


The 8 day duration 5 pillar movement striking the hours on a bell and with 12″ arched brass dial with separate silvered brass chapter ring, matted centre showing both seconds, date, the makers name on a silvered brass cartouche and brass spandrels to the corners. The arch with a Strike/Silent facility and typical spandrels of the period depicting sea creatures.

The restored faux tortoiseshell lacquered case with gold Chinoiserie decoration to the trunk door and base depicting houses, flowers, figures and a man playing a musical instrument. The base with a double plinth and further decoration. The hood with attached angle pillars with gilt wooden capitals, glazed access door and inspection windows to the side and a broken arch top with pagoda and three gilt wood finials.

Note: Joseph Herring of London is listed as working between 1767-1810 and as Liveryman of the Clockmakers Company. In 1770 Blackfriars Bridge was built across the River Thames. It was designed by the well known architect Robert Mylne.

Price: £10250.000 / Height: 8’2″ / C.1770

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Newsletter, New Website & New Arrival @ P A Oxley Antique Clocks

We have also been very busy developing our new website which has just gone live, its now fully optimised for Smartphones and Tablets. You can view the clocks and barometers by clicking the arrows or by swiping the screen. By clicking each product you can view larger images as before, a full description and of course the very popular audio files. You can also now purchase our clocks and barometers online using our secure integrated server.

There are also two new pages discussing ‘Exporting a longcase clock’ and also a ‘Press’ page for media events and advertising features. We hope you will not only enjoy the new website, but also enjoy viewing our fine selection of antique clocks and barometers for years to come.

New Arrival – Strange & Son of Kingston Upon Thames……

One of our most recent longcase clocks that is new to the website and to our showrooms in Wiltshire is this very appealing mahogany longcase clock from Kingston Upon Thames. It has some unusual features and is very elegant in its design. Please click here to view the clock on the website.

An unusual Mahogany longcase by this well established Clockmaking family.

The 8 day duration movement striking the hours on a bell and with a 12″ square painted dial with a Roman chapter ring, Arabic minutes at each quarter and subsidiary seconds and date dials. The makers name and place of work signed to the middle of the dial. Also with matching blued steel hands of typical diamond pattern.

The London style case with a long trunk door veneered with excellent figured mahogany of good colour and patina. The base also with similar veneer with an applied moulding and a shaped double plinth terminating with pads. The hood with reeded pillars and brass Doric capitals, quarter pillars to the rear and an unusual domed pediment with three blocks topped with three brass ball finials.

Note: Thomas Strange is listed as working in Kingston Upon Thomas from 1791 to 1824. There appears to be 3 generations working at some point in this area for a t least 100 years or more.

Price: £8750.000 / Height: 7’3″ / C.1810

An Excellent Mid 18th Century Ebonised Table/Bracket Clock by John Dowson – London.

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John Dowson – London

An excellent mid 18th century ebonised table/bracket clock.


The 8 day duration five pillar double fusee movement with verge escapement and striking and repeating the hour on a bell. The backplate engraved with scrolls, foliage, flowers and a central engraving of a basket of fruit. The dial with a silvered brass chapter ring, blued steel hands, date square above number VI, mock pendulum aperture, brass corner spandrels and the centre of the dial displaying a cartouche with the makers name and place of work. The arch also with Strike/Silent facility and further spandrels.

The very plain fruitwood veneered case with ebonised finish and carrying handle to the inverted bell top. The sides of the case with inspection windows, sound frets to both front and back and standing on four ebonised feet.

Note: John Dowson is listed as working in both London and Bath. It appears he served his apprenticeship in London and then later moved to Bath. He continued to do business in both cities throughout the 18th century.

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Price: £13250.00 / Height: 18″ / C.1750

A Very Rare Single Dial Wheel Barometer With Integral Thermometer.

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L. Malacrida – London

A very rare single dial wheel barometer with integral thermometer.


The 10″ diameter silvered brass scale calibrated from 28″ to 31″ and engraved with weather indications, the makers name and place of work and a rare integral thermometer scale calibrated from 10 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial enclosed within a concave cast brass bezel with original convex glass. The dial also with a blued steel Indicator hand and a brass Set hand controlled by turning the small brass knob just below the dial.

The exceptional mahogany case of excellent colour and featuring flame veneers and ebony and boxwood edge inlay.

Note: L. Malacrida is recorded as working at 237 Holborn, London between 1810-30. This barometer is not only displaying just one dial which is exceedingly rare on a wheel barometer but the main dial also incorporates a thermometer scale. Both of these features and the high quality veneer used throughout the front elevation of the cabinet work make this barometer a very rare item.

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Price: £5250.00 / Height: / C.1820

An Excellent Scottish Oak Longcase Clock With Strike/Silent Feature To The Arch.

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James Mylne – Montrose


An excellent Scottish oak longcase clock with Strike/Silent feature to the arch.

The 8 day duration movement striking the hours on a bell and with a 12″ arched brass dial displaying a matted centre with sunken seconds featuring two sets of initials and a date of 1767, a date aperture and blued steel hands. The arch with a silvered brass roundel showing the makers name and also incorporating a Strike/Silent facility. The plain oak case of good colour with a long trunk door, brass escutcheon and a plain base with bracket feet. The hood with oak pillars topped with brass Doric capitals, inspection windows to both sides and a swan neck top inlaid with satinwood panels, roundels to the paterea and an oval inlay just below the brass eagle finial.

Note: James Mylne is listed as working in Montrose from 1740 onwards. This clock features the very rare feature of initials engraved to the centre of the seconds dial. There is also a date of 1767. This is almost certainly the date of a marriage and this clock was perhaps a wedding present.

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Price: £7250.00 / Height: 7’1″ / C.1767

New – Elegantly made Bow Fronted Stick barometer by Fraser, New Bond Street, London.

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Fraser – 3 New Bond Street, London


A very elegant and rare bow fronted stick barometer by this maker to King George III and the Prince of Wales.

The silvered brass scale calibrated from 28″ to 31″ with a sliding rack and pinion vernier of excellent workmanship and design and controlled with a brass set key set within a bone collet. The dial also engraved with weather indications and makers name and place of work engraved to the top of the scale.

The exceptional flat-to-the-wall mahogany case with excellent flame veneers to the bowed front and with the rare use of a swan neck pediment with bone paterea and an ornate brass finial. The base with an ebonised boxwood urn cistern, ebony mouldings, ebony inlay and access to the brass cistern screw for transportation.

A stunning Georgian Instrument for the traditional or contemporary home.

Note: William Fraser was born C.1720. He was made Mathematical Instrument Maker to King George III and also the Prince of Wales. From 1799 he was in Partnership with his son which continued until William died in 1815. In later years the business was taken over by Dixey & Son and continued with great success with Royal Warrants. The New Bond Street address was destroyed in the Second World War but was relocated. The Dixey & Son business continues to this day.

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Price: £9250.00 / Height: / C.1810

New Arrivals from London & Hertfordshire – Antique Longcase Clocks

Just in…..

This week we have two new arrivals to the website and our showroom.

The first is by Andrew Bateman of London and is typical of the late 18th century/early 19th century period in London. At this point the full brass dial was less favourable and the painted dial in London and the rest of the UK had become the dial of choice. This is a very high quality example with good rich flame mahogany veneers to the case, its original double plinth, brass cased weights and a substantial movement.

The second is by Humphrey Birch of Hoddesdon. Slightly earlier than the above clock and because of the close proximity to the London area the cabinet work is very similar to the London arch dials of the same period. The movement is of London quality with 5 pillars and large calendar wheel rollers to the rear of the dial.

Andrew Bateman – Great Tower Street, London


A fine London Longcase Clock of good proportions and colour.

The 8 day duration 5 pillar movement striking the hours on a bell and with a painted round 12″ dial with Roman numerals, seconds, matching blued steel hands and the makers name and place of work to the centre of the dial. The movement also with original brass cased weights and an engraved rating nut to the pendulum bob.

The well proportioned mahogany case with typical long trunk door veneered with highly figured flame mahogany veneer and a raised panelled base with double plinth. The trunk also with reeded quarter pillars inlaid with brass and capped with brass Doric capitals. The hood with brass inlaid reeded canted corners and a brass concave bezel with a convex glass. The sides of the hood with rectangular inspection windows.

Note: Andrew Bateman was Apprenticed in 1776 and made Livery of the Clockmakers Company in 1812. He died in 1816.

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Price: £9750.00 / Height: 6’11” / C.1800

Oak Longcase Clock by Humphrey Birch of Hoddesdon

A good provincial oak longcase clock from the County of Hertfordshire.


The 8 day duration five pillar movement striking the hours on a bell and with a 12″ arched brass dial, a silvered brass chapter ring, matted centre showing seconds, date aperture, finely made blued steel hands and brass spandrels to both the arch and main dial. The arch also with a silvered brass cartouche showing the makers name and place of work.

The well proportioned oak case with a long trunk door, brass escutcheon and a plain base with single plinth. The hood with attached pillars, gilt wooden capitals, inspection windows to both sides and a broken arch top.

Note: Humphrey Birch is listed as a Watchmaker during the last part of the 18th century. Hoddesdon was a major Coaching stop and at one point over 35 Coaches would pass through the town each day on their way from London to Cambridge.

Price: £7,250 / Height: / C.1775

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A Rare Late 18th Century Domestic Regulator by Thomas Reid – Edinburgh

New to the showroom this week we have a very finely made and elegant longcase clock by the eminent maker Thomas Reid of Edinburgh.

Please see below for image and the full description. Clicking through to the website will allow you to view larger images and listen to an audio file which will be uploaded shortly.

Several longcase clocks will be arriving back from restoration in the next few weeks which feature moonphase and regulator quality movements. All will be photographed and uploaded to the website ASAP.

Thomas Reid – Edinburgh

A rare late 18th century Domestic Regulator by this famous maker.


The 8 day duration high quality movement striking the hours on a bell and with Deadbeat Escapement and Harrison Maintaining Power. The round silvered brass dial showing seconds, date, Roman numerals, matching blued steel hands, and the makers name and place of work engraved across the centre of the dial. The silvered dial framed within a brass bezel. The movement complete with its original brass cased weights and substantial wood rod pendulum with large brass bob. The plain but very elegant mahogany cabinet work with the rare use of Pommele mahogany to the trunk door and throughout the rest of the case. The plain base features original bracket feet and a small raised moulding to the main panel. The broken arch pediment with a central finial stand terminating with a gilt ball finial. An extremely elegant example of a late 18th century Scottish Longcase Clock.

Note: Thomas Reid is listed as an eminent maker and was apprenticed to James Cowan on 9th October 1762. For 11 years he lived in London where he appears to have worked for and observed the work of several Master Clockmakers. In 1788 he designed and built the first clock for the spire of St Andrews Parish Church, George Street, Edinburgh. In 1806 he welcomed William Auld into partnership which was the beginning of a long and prosperous business. They specialised in unusual Regulators including Astronomical and long duration.

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Price: £9500.00 / Height: 7’2″ / C.1795

New – English Single Fusee Mantel Clock of small size and with rare Satinwood cabinet work

Just back from restoration we have a delightful little clock made in London in the first half of the 19th century. This type of Clock is sometimes called a Library Clock as they were very often used in a Library for accurate timekeeping but without the constant striking of a bell or gong.

Please click here for further details and larger images. There is also a short audio file available.


An exceptional English Single Fusee mantel clock of small size and with rare Satinwood cabinet work.

The 8 day duration single fusee movement of substantial quality with four tapered plate pillars and anchor escapement. Also with finely made pendulum and transportation fixing point. The 4″ square painted dial framed with a silvered brass square and with Roman chapters and matching blued steel hands of exquisite quality and design as used by the well known makers Payne of London. The small and very well proportioned four glass satinwood case with ogee moulding, four block feet and unusual rosewood veneered canted corners. The top and sides of the case with rectangular bevelled inspection points.

Note: Very few small mantel clocks from this period exist and even fewer are made using Satinwood. This particular example is anonymous but its very likely that it did once have a retailers name on the dial and would have been made by one of the fine makers of the time, perhaps based in Clerkenwell. A rare example.

Price: £6,950 / Height: 10″ / C.1830

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Arriving very soon….

Another bracket clock by Webster of London of unusual form and featuring a carved thistle.
Domestic Regulator Longcase Clock by Reid of Edinburgh
Moonphase Longcase Clock by Hancock of Midsomer Norton
Oak brass dial Longcase Clock by Birch of Hodesdon
Two very fine stick barometers

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