Devonshire Longcase Clock by Long of Tiverton

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An excellent Devonshire mahogany longcase clock with rare Hunting scene to the arch.


The 8 day duration movement striking the hours on a bell and with an arched white dial displaying a Roman chapter ring, seconds, date, jumping foxes to the corners and the rare scene of a Huntsman and Foxhounds chasing a fox. The flame mahogany veneered case with boxwood and ebony inlay throughout and the trunk door flanked by spiral columns with brass Doric capitals. The hood also with Doric capitals and spiral columns and topped with a crested pediment with three brass finials. The base with similar veneers and inlay and large ogee shaped feet to the front of the clock.

Note: John Long of Tiverton was born on 10th March 1821. He established a business in Bampton Street, Tiverton in 1842. He was listed as a Goldsmith, Jeweller and watch and clockmaker and unusually an inventor. He died at Bradninch on 23rd October 1887. This particular clock features a Huntsman and is Foxhounds to the arch. This clock was almost certainly made for a member of the local Hunting community.

Price: £5500.000 / Height: 7’5″ / C.1845

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Somerset longcase clock by Oram of Bruton

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A very pretty provincial oak longcase clock from the County of Somerset.


The 8 day duration movement striking the hours on a bell and with an arched white dial showing seconds, date, Roman numerals, seashells to each corner and a further group of sea shells to the arch. The makers name and place of work signed to the centre of the dial and with matching blued steel hands.

The long trunk door of good light coloured oak and mahogany crossbanding with a plain base, teminating with a single shaped plinth. The hood with brass capped solid oak pillars, a swan neck top with brass paterae and a brass eagle finial.

Note: There are two makers by the name of Oram working in Somerton and Castle Cary, quite possibly relatives or the same man. Charles Oram is listed as working in the High Street, Bruton in 1844.

Price: £3850.000 / Height: 7’2½” / C.1845

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Moonphase Longcase Clock by Naftel of Guernsey

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An excellent Channel Islands moonphase longcase clock of very small size.


The London quality 8 day duration 5 pillar movement with shaped plates to allow for moonphase wheel and striking the hours on a bell. The 12″ arched full brass dial with separate silvered brass chapter ring, brass spandrels to each corner and a fine matted centre showing date, seconds and blued steel hands. Also with rare moonphase feature to the arch with engraved hemispheres and makers name and place of work.

The well proportioned, high quality and small case with flame veneered mahogany trunk door of full length and with mahogany crossbanding. The unusually short base with unusual ‘plum pudding veneer and finishing with a single shaped plinth. The hood featuring reeded mahogany pillars surmounted with brass Doric capitals, matching quarter pillars and a broken arch top. The top moulding with the very unusual feature of a spliced piece of solid ebony let into the moulding from front to back.

Note: Thomas & Nicholas Naftel were brothers and worked together with their Mother Elizabeth Naftel during the latter half of the 18th century. They were without doubt one of the most prolific Clockmaking families in Guernsey and always made clocks with utmost care and attention. Using London features such as 5 plate pillars, high quality movements and well proportioned casework.

Price: £10250.000 / Height: 6’5½” / C.1790

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New Arrivals from London & Hertfordshire – Antique Longcase Clocks

Just in…..

This week we have two new arrivals to the website and our showroom.

The first is by Andrew Bateman of London and is typical of the late 18th century/early 19th century period in London. At this point the full brass dial was less favourable and the painted dial in London and the rest of the UK had become the dial of choice. This is a very high quality example with good rich flame mahogany veneers to the case, its original double plinth, brass cased weights and a substantial movement.

The second is by Humphrey Birch of Hoddesdon. Slightly earlier than the above clock and because of the close proximity to the London area the cabinet work is very similar to the London arch dials of the same period. The movement is of London quality with 5 pillars and large calendar wheel rollers to the rear of the dial.

Andrew Bateman – Great Tower Street, London


A fine London Longcase Clock of good proportions and colour.

The 8 day duration 5 pillar movement striking the hours on a bell and with a painted round 12″ dial with Roman numerals, seconds, matching blued steel hands and the makers name and place of work to the centre of the dial. The movement also with original brass cased weights and an engraved rating nut to the pendulum bob.

The well proportioned mahogany case with typical long trunk door veneered with highly figured flame mahogany veneer and a raised panelled base with double plinth. The trunk also with reeded quarter pillars inlaid with brass and capped with brass Doric capitals. The hood with brass inlaid reeded canted corners and a brass concave bezel with a convex glass. The sides of the hood with rectangular inspection windows.

Note: Andrew Bateman was Apprenticed in 1776 and made Livery of the Clockmakers Company in 1812. He died in 1816.

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Price: £9750.00 / Height: 6’11” / C.1800

Oak Longcase Clock by Humphrey Birch of Hoddesdon

A good provincial oak longcase clock from the County of Hertfordshire.


The 8 day duration five pillar movement striking the hours on a bell and with a 12″ arched brass dial, a silvered brass chapter ring, matted centre showing seconds, date aperture, finely made blued steel hands and brass spandrels to both the arch and main dial. The arch also with a silvered brass cartouche showing the makers name and place of work.

The well proportioned oak case with a long trunk door, brass escutcheon and a plain base with single plinth. The hood with attached pillars, gilt wooden capitals, inspection windows to both sides and a broken arch top.

Note: Humphrey Birch is listed as a Watchmaker during the last part of the 18th century. Hoddesdon was a major Coaching stop and at one point over 35 Coaches would pass through the town each day on their way from London to Cambridge.

Price: £7,250 / Height: / C.1775

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