New Arrival – Domestic Regulator Longcase Clock by Whitelaw of Edinburgh

A very unusual Domestic Regulator by these well known makers.



The 8 day duration high quality movement strikes the hours on a bell and has Harrison Maintaining Power with a round silvered brass dial showing both seconds, date and makers name to the centre. Also with matching blued steel hands and finely engraved Roman chapters. The substantial pendulum bob with a double milled regulation nut and wooden rod.

The unusual mahogany case of drumhead design but with a tapered trunk with excellent fiddle back veneers to both the trunk door and base. The trunk door has an unusual door lock which is positioned at the very top. Upon unlocking, the entire door is removed to gain access to the weights and pendulum. The hood has a glazed and lockable concave brass bezel and a plain round top.

Note: There appear to be three possible makers of this clock listed. Alexander, David and James were all working from the same location in Princes Street in the early 19th century. Due to the lack of a Christian name we can deduce that this clock was possibly made by at least two of the Whitelaw family. David Whitelaw is described as ‘a very ingenious artist in this city’ and is known to have designed a clock for the Royal Society of Edinburgh which featured an escapement that required no oil and a pendulum and ball made from marble.

Price: £9250.000 / Height: 6’5″ / C.1820

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English Longcase Clock by Denton of Hull


An early painted dial longcase clock with an exceptionally high quality case.

The 8 day duration movement striking the hours on a bell. The painted arched white dial showing seconds, date, blued steel hands and with beautifully painted corners with flowers, foliage and raised gold work. The arch with an open pink rose, foliage and further gold work. The makers name painted to the centre of the dial surrounded by Roman numerals and Arabic minutes. The very high quality case with exceptional flame mahogany veneer to both the trunk door and base. The trunk also with reeded canted corners and ivory escutcheon to the trunk door lock. The panelled base with rosewood crossbanding and bracket feet. The hood with Corinthian Capitals to the reeded pillars and further rosewood crossbanding to the hood door. The inlaid pagoda top with two brass finials.

Note: A very well known maker in the East Riding area. He was married to Elizabeth Cayley in 1781 and worked in Silver Street. A prolific maker of longcase clocks. There is a Fusee Wall Clock by this maker in the Castle Museum, York.

Price: £7,438 / Height: 7’5″ / C.1780

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