A Very Rare Single Dial Wheel Barometer With Integral Thermometer.

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L. Malacrida – London

A very rare single dial wheel barometer with integral thermometer.


The 10″ diameter silvered brass scale calibrated from 28″ to 31″ and engraved with weather indications, the makers name and place of work and a rare integral thermometer scale calibrated from 10 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial enclosed within a concave cast brass bezel with original convex glass. The dial also with a blued steel Indicator hand and a brass Set hand controlled by turning the small brass knob just below the dial.

The exceptional mahogany case of excellent colour and featuring flame veneers and ebony and boxwood edge inlay.

Note: L. Malacrida is recorded as working at 237 Holborn, London between 1810-30. This barometer is not only displaying just one dial which is exceedingly rare on a wheel barometer but the main dial also incorporates a thermometer scale. Both of these features and the high quality veneer used throughout the front elevation of the cabinet work make this barometer a very rare item.

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Price: £5250.00 / Height: / C.1820

Early Wheel Barometer by Joseph Somalvico of Holborn, London


A rare rounded top mahogany wheel barometer by this well known family of Instrument Makers.


The 8″ diameter finely engraved silvered brass dial calibrated from 28″ to 31″ with engraved weather indications set on the outer edge and a star motif engraving to the centre. The makers name engraved to the main dial as Joseph Somalvico, No 67 Leather Lane, Holborn.

The barometer reading is indicated by a blued steel hand and can be recorded with a brass set hand, controlled with the brass knob set within the glazed concave bezel. The alcohol thermometer set on a exquisitely engraved silvered brass scale calibrated from 0 Degress to 110 Degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometer scale also with well engraved flowers and swags.

The mahogany veneered case of good deep colour and with chequer strung edge inlay, rounded top and bottom and deep cross-banded sides. The case also features exceptionally well crafted oval inlay to the centre and complicated flower roundels to both the top and base of the barometer.

Note: The Somalvico family were extremely competent and prolific Instrument Makers. Joseph Somalvico appears to be the first generation of a large family which spanned the 19th century.

Price: £3,250 / Height: 36″ / C.1800

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