Moonphase Longcase Clock by Naftel of Guernsey

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An excellent Channel Islands moonphase longcase clock of very small size.


The London quality 8 day duration 5 pillar movement with shaped plates to allow for moonphase wheel and striking the hours on a bell. The 12″ arched full brass dial with separate silvered brass chapter ring, brass spandrels to each corner and a fine matted centre showing date, seconds and blued steel hands. Also with rare moonphase feature to the arch with engraved hemispheres and makers name and place of work.

The well proportioned, high quality and small case with flame veneered mahogany trunk door of full length and with mahogany crossbanding. The unusually short base with unusual ‘plum pudding veneer and finishing with a single shaped plinth. The hood featuring reeded mahogany pillars surmounted with brass Doric capitals, matching quarter pillars and a broken arch top. The top moulding with the very unusual feature of a spliced piece of solid ebony let into the moulding from front to back.

Note: Thomas & Nicholas Naftel were brothers and worked together with their Mother Elizabeth Naftel during the latter half of the 18th century. They were without doubt one of the most prolific Clockmaking families in Guernsey and always made clocks with utmost care and attention. Using London features such as 5 plate pillars, high quality movements and well proportioned casework.

Price: £10250.000 / Height: 6’5½” / C.1790

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