A Miniature Carriage Clock of the highest quality – Barrauds & Lund – No: 7691, London

Barrauds & Lund – No: 7691, London



An exceptionally rare miniature Swiss carriage clock with minute repeating movement.

The movement of 8 days duration with a fine Swiss lever escapement repeating by the means of a large button to the top of the case. Repeating the last hour, quarters and minutes on a bell. Access to hand adjustment, winding and regulation is gained by sliding back a brass panel to the base.

The gilt brass case features fluted side columns and Corinthian capitals. The front elevation has a mask surround to the round enamel dial with Arabic numerals, beautifully made brass hands and the retailers name Barrauds & Lunds, Vendors, London, 7691. The clock is enclosed within its original leather carrying case.

Note: Miniature carriage clocks or travelling clocks are rare but to find one which repeats the hours, quarters and minutes is quite exceptional. It only strikes on demand via the large button at the top, It appears to have been made in this way so that the user could reach out in the dead of night and be reminded of the time.

Price: £8500.000 / Height: 3″ / C.1895

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